Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's The Equity, Stupid.

The $700 BILLION to $1 TRILLION BAILOUT, as proposed, amounts to a financial coup d'etat. Where in the free market are the profits privatized and risks/losses socialized?? And where do they get off with that "no review, no legal consequences" crap?!?

It's the Equity, stupid. In both the financial and moral senses of the word...

If you're going to spend generations of taxpayers' money to "unfreeze the credit markets", then we taxpayers had damn well better get something for it, and I don't mean "illiquid assets". (That phrase means stuff no one will buy, right? So WHY are WE buying it?) I want a stake, a piece of the action, some of the juice. I want some meat on this bone. I want some EQUITY in these companies whose nuts we're hauling out of the fire.

Why don't you just tell them, "Gee, sorry, can't afford it. You know, what with the wars (that we're borrowing to fight), and all those tax cuts benefiting the top 5% (that we're borrowing to pay for), and Medicare, and Medicaid, and Social Security that we've been stealing from for years... Gee guys, there's just nothing left. Cupboard's bare. But I'll buy one of your pencils..."

On the MORAL equity issue, I want blood. I want some pounds of flesh. I want to see golden parachutes fluttering like streamers -- at terminal velocity -- all the way to ground (POOOMP). I want those arrogant, greedy bastards to REALLY feel some pain. Let THEM lose their homes. Let THEM have a yard sale to pay the electric bill. Let THEM keep the thermostat at 55 because the oil's too dear.

If we're all in this together, we're ALL in this together.

And while we're saving those rich arrogant asses, let's spread it around a little. Let the rest of us have a chance to reset our mortgages. How about a little juice for the oil bill? How about more money for EVERYONE to add renewable energy improvements to our homes, or buy an energy efficient car? Why don't you bail out those poor people with "illiquid assets" like gas-guzzling vehicles? Huh? How about that?

I read that ".... executive compensation limits should be part of the bailout, although Paulson says he is concerned that such curbs would discourage companies from participating." I say Good! If they are that greedy, they don't get to play. It IS a buyer's market, after all -- they can just go hang for all I care.

And by the way, if you botch this job in your rush to leave Washington to campaign for your or your party's candidates' re-election, we'll remember that when we go to vote.

Oh, yes. We WILL remember. For as long as it takes to pay off this obscenity, we WILL remember.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mother's Milk No Longer a Threat

I'm going to my nephew's wedding this weekend. He lives in Oklahoma, I live in Maine, so I'm flying. I don't get out much, and hate flying, so was surfing to learn what I need to know to fly in America these days. Turns out, the Transportation Security Administration, a department of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has determined that breast milk is NO LONGER a threat.

What a relief.

Is there anything on the planet LESS threatening than mother's milk? What kind of mindset does it take to have to determine that it is NOT a threat?

If it wasn't so sad and pathetic, it would be hysterical. People that have to decide mother's milk is not threatening are simply a waste of skin.

Promise me, now: If the shit really hits the fan, let's at least give them decent burials... unless we have to eat them...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's Time.

It's about time, it's high time, it's past time. It's our time.

Americans' hopes, dreams and ideals cannot be denied forever, and we're waking up to that. Wonderingly, people are thinking, "We can do great things again..." And from the deep core of the American soul comes the confident answer, "Yes we can." This is why Barack Obama's campaign is growing. It's a movement.

Those who accuse him of "empty eloquence" miss the point. His eloquence inspires our energy and commitment, and when the American people are inspired and energized, we do great things. Without that commitment, no president can be very successful -- with it, we can achieve any goal. Yes we can.

For too many of us and for too long, we've heard only lip service given to the core principles on which our mothers and fathers built America. For too long, American leaders have seemed small, petty -- bickering, jockeying for power, nibbling around the edges of things that should be devoured, rearranging deck chairs in structures that should be built anew. "America does not torture" sounds as empty as "I am not a crook". Of COURSE America doesn't torture! The America I love doesn't, at least... We're better than that. But that has seemed so distant of late. The American people want much more than what we've had -- and we will have it. It's time for us to be America again.

Each generation -- if it's very lucky -- gets someone we can believe in, someone who reminds us of our identity, our ability, and our joint venture. With that focus, we can put humans on the moon, tear down an Iron Curtain, defeat fascism -- even create "a new nation, conceived in liberty...". With that focus, we could even transform our economy to one that need not import energy, one that assures all Americans work, a secure home, clean air and water, healthy food and affordable health care. With that focus, we can inspire the world again. Yes we can.

Obama is the mirror that we've needed, because he shows us our true selves, and we like what we see. He reminds us that, not only CAN we do these things, we SHOULD be doing them. He helps us remember that America's destiny is to amaze the world, not with our arrogance or military power, but with our ingenuity, our energy and our unflagging commitment to undying ideals. Liberty. Justice. Democracy. The rule of law. Being a good neighbor, looking out for each other and pulling together. Compassion for our bothers and sisters on this ark of an earth. This is who we are.

This is our heritage, our birthright, our duty, and it's been too long since our leaders have called us to the tasks. Obama knows this, he reminds us that we know it too and he's calling us to come together to raise this barn and build that bridge.

Let's do it. Let's be America again. No more pandering to fears or worshiping cash. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. Because we can, friends and neighbors. Yes we can.

It's time.

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