Saturday, October 29, 2011

2012, #Occupy, and Everything

I'll tell you what #Occupy is all about.

And I'll set your mind at ease about the Mayan 2012 deal, too.

The Occupy movement is another manifestation of Freedom, which has been sweeping the world since the Arab Spring.

It's happening because it's Time.

And the important date to keep in mind is not December 21, 2012. It's 11/11/11.

That's in

It's time because we now have computers and understand binary. In binary, which is the language computers speak, there are only two values -- Off and On. These are represented by 0 and 1, respectively.

I believe that on November 11, 2011 -- eleven eleven eleven -- 11/11/11 -- much of Humanity will turn ON. And nothing will be the same.

What would it be like to wake up one day with a new sense? Suddenly you were aware of the other life in other places -- not intellectually, but FEEL it, a deep inner KNOWING... What does that life know?

Or just be able to smell as well as a bloodhound? How would your world change? How would YOU change?

It's all good, folks... Friends and Neighbors... We're all One.

These sick, un-sane, twisted structures around us will wither and die.

It's Ours to tend and nurture the webs of Life that will sustain the earth and those of us who survive and thrive.

We ARE the Ones we've been waiting for.

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