Monday, January 30, 2012

See, what we're witnessing now...

... is the revolution in the streets to create the space,
the tension and the clarity,
to allow
Our Higher Natures
to emerge.

2012 is not the end of THE world,
just of THIS one.

An evolutionary change in human consciousness
is upon us.
One could call it a quantum leap -- or a miracle...
It proceeds even now.    and now.                          and now.

There's only Us
Humans on a living planet --!
All that lives here,
down as deep and far and back and wide
as the very first living cell on this planet
all interconnected to all that lives Now.
You. Me. Us. Them.
plants  animals      worms'n'germs...

All of it
all born of the first


This planet is alive
and we are either
its higher nervous system
gaining self-awareness
or a virus. or a cancer.

Our choice and intention
creates the world we live in.
Focus your attention wisely.
Banish fear. Forget guilt.
Those voices are lying to you.

You are so much more
than you think you are.

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